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Fume Cupboard 

A dynamic fume cupboard represents the best that is available in fume cupboard technology today.  On every point dynamic meets or exceeds the requirements of the relevant current Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 2243.8 etc).  Dynamic has been around and in the forefront of fume cupboard technology for more than 20 years.  We offer you attractive, functional, long lasting, quality fume cupboards complete with ducting, fans and stacks with NATA test certificate if required.

All fume cupboards have the following features whether they be constructed from fiber glass, PVC or polypropylene.

Complies with or exceeds the current Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2243.8; AS/NZS 2430.3; AS/NZS 1482 etc. Air by-pass system to regulate air flow
Sealed fluorescent lighting
Baffles for even air distribution
Automatic by-pass damper linked to sash opening to reduce loss of conditioned air from laboratory
Maximum radius corners for easy cleaning Toughened glass sash beautifully counterbalanced for ease of operation Work surface - choice of ceramic tiles, stainless steel; 'Trespa'; polypropylene, etc.
Non-spill deep front lip Air exit transition ready for ducting Baffle washdown facilities
Deep sump area to contain spillages Standard sizes - 1200 mm; 1500 mm; 2000 mm Sash options - clear PVC & polycarbonate
Wide range of work surfaces Work surface - grey rigid PVC A variety of sinks, waste outlets and runnels.
Full electrical control panel with 'Touch Pad', motherboard and all controls and alarms as required by the current Standards. Underbench cupboards or powdercoated steel frames
Laboratory taps and nozzles for all services
In-fill panels for ascetics
In-built scrubber with recirculating tank under


Fiber glass fume cupboards are the industry basic standard.  They are very attractive, functional, long lasting, and can have a large a variation of options to suit most laboratory needs.  Their limitation is primarily that of size.  Because of the facias and inner chambers are moulded, they are restricted to basic widths of 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm and an operating height of 1000 mm inside the chamber with a sash opening of 650 mm.


These materials provide very functional fume cupboards that have virtually no limitations on size and design.  They consequently can be built to accommodate a wide range of equipment that will just not fit a fiber glass unit.  Where a relatively cheaper alternative to fiber glass is required for specific applications, this is the viable alternative.  Occasional limitations for PVC is the use of some chemicals and high temperatures.  Polypropylene is not subject to those limitations.  A fume cupboard in these materials can easily be built 4 or 5 meters long and as high as required to house equipment.


These are really 'fume rooms'.  Designed to fit tall equipment for special purpose experiments, they allow room to walk around and set up the equipment.  Built to comply with the relevant current Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2243.8.  Each one is designed to suite a particular need and fit a specific location.  They are usually prefabricated in sections and built on site.


These are usually built for a special purpose application and will incorporate a pre-filter and a hepa filter, often in conjunction with a carbon filter.  The carbon filters are normally linked to specific chemical groups and usually are not available to cover a wide range of chemicals.  The size of the units can be very flexible, but consideration must be given to the eventual fan size required and the sound level that this will generate.  The units can be located in a fixed position or be mounted on a trolley for portability.  These fume cabinets must comply with the current Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2243.9

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