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Refurbish Service


There are many Fume Cupboards in service in Australia which predate the current Australian Standard AS 2243.8 - 2001. These have provided sterling service over years and many companies cannot justify replacing them just to upgrade to the current Standard. However it should be noted that the 2001 Standard was prepared to supersede the older Standards to provide greater protection and a safer working environment in laboratories.

In many instances it is possible to upgrade and refurbish these older units to provide the level of protection that is required for laboratory employees by Workcover, health authorities and the in-house laboratory safety officer.

DYNAMIC FUME EXHAUST SYSTEMS can provide a full refurbishment service. Initially, it would consist of an audit and review of what can be provided to upgrade your fume cupboards. This is a free service and it applies to any make of fume cupboard. Although there are hundreds of DYNAMIC fume cupboards in the field, we are not restricted to just our own brand; our expertise allows us to bring most other models up to standard. The major exception is the old built-in timber style of cupboard of which there are still a great number in service.


Remove F/C from laboratory (if possible) and return it to the workshop. ***
Strip F/C and clean thoroughly.
Make and install air by-pass system, if possible, to prevent high face velocities at low sash openings.
Rework or replace sash and sash components as required.
Make and fit new PVC aerodynamic fascia (if practical).
Repair or replace work surface and/or sink as required.
If required, we can install a baffle washdown system with runnel and drains to collect run off.
Make and install an electrical control beam to upgrade to Australian Standard. This will provide:-
* Touch pad with all necessary operating controls linked to its motherboard which will :-
* Provide 1 minute pre-purge cycle of the cabinet by the fan before releasing power to the GPOs and solenoid valves controlling hazardous gasses.
* Provide 20 minute post purge cycle of the fan after shut down.
* Provide alarm with visual and audio signals in the event of air failure.
* Provide emergency isolator and light switch.

*** Where it is impractical to remove the fume cupboard, refurbishment can be down on site but may cause some disruption to laboratory routine.



DYNAMIC provides a complete relocation and/or repair service for any make of fume cupboard or plastic fan. Whether you need to reposition it across the room, across the building or across the city, DYNAMIC has the expertise to complete this with a minimum of disruption. Let DYNAMIC repair that broken sash, cracked body or duct, leaking sink or plumbing, etc. Excellent service - reasonable cost.

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